Since you opened this article I can understand that you’re the person who hesitates to finish the task on time or someone who doesn’t like to pick up a task and work on it.

If you feel like that then don’t worry, I got you covered. I’m one who is a master procrastinator myself.

Let me share you a little bit about myself so you guys can understand better

Well, I was planning to write this article for almost 15 days as a part of my assignment. Then I realized that I have hardly 7 days to submit my article, I felt immense pressure and so de-motivated at that particular moment. 

I kept on thinking and I realized I have done nothing so-called productive all these 15 days which can be as important as completing my blog/video. I have now started working on this uninterrupted, as I have a sense of failure of not completing the task well in time.

Have you ever felt so like, postponing an important task for the sake of nothing important but instant gratification?

 You are not being Lazy, but you are actively choosing over something which is not giving you immediate happiness, like watching Netflix video, or scrolling over social media website or just chatting with friends or window shopping over an e-commerce website, where we add items to our cart but never buy it..!!

Do you guys resonate with me, that we have unknowingly but willingly diverted our attention to something giving instant pleasure? Well, this habit is called Procrastination. where we just simply delay our actions. 

Our brain wants immediate pleasures. 

we are more addicted to such pleasure in this digital era, our brain gives us a boost of dopamine. 

It’s a chemical, which produces pleasure. so we are addicted to dopamine, the feeling of immediate pleasure and hence we take up tasks that give us immediate pleasure and hence we tend to procrastinate, we delay to take up important tasks.  

Today, I am going to talk about this slowly killing habit -Procrastination.

How to know one is procrastinating: Symptoms / Mindset when one procrastinates: 

1. Always selecting Small works first.

2. Working on Big tasks and taking a long break. 

3. Focusing more on Unnecessary works.

4. Striving for instant gratification.

5. Blaming the Surroundings.

6. Waiting for the right moment/Mood.

7. Always in need of supervision.

8. Ignoring Important tasks for No reason.

Why One Procrastinates: 

  1. Poor Organized:- Poor Organized persons can lead to procrastination as compared to organized people. People poorly organized, are always confused with where to start, when to start.

 Organized people can overcome Procrastination easily as they use a prioritized To-Do list and create effective schedules.

  • Self Doubt:- – I can’t do this / perfectionist.
  • Fear of Being Successful:- Getting excess workload in the office.
  • Poor Decision Making:-  Not having a proper schedule before starting a particular task.
  • MultiTasking:- Trust me, we all tried this. Trying to do multiple things at a time. 
  • Addiction to instant gratification:- Celebrating very small wins and giving ourselves a big break.
  • Poor knowledge of the subject:- Taking up a particular task without understanding the basics. 

Outcomes of Procrastination:-

According to researcher and speaker Piers Steel95% of us procrastinates every single day.

 However, at first instance, it seems like it is the way of living life, but it can be dangerous too.

You might develop a sense of self-criticism, guilt, or shame. You might have to face ignorance from your community may be at work, home, or in society.  

These are the impacts of delaying tactics:-

1. Reduced Productivity.

2. Feeling of Guilt / Shame.

3. Might have to face failure.

4. Feel demotivated/get into depression.

5.Impact on social/professional life.

The Procrastination Doom Loop:-

This Doom loop consists of 4 stages and it is like a vicious circle. And they are explained as follows:

In the initial stage, when you procrastinate, you are doing nothing for that particular activity.

In the second stage you feel the pressure and feel guilty about not starting it in advance.

In the third stage, you worry about the future and eventually you feel powerless. Now, when things get out of your control, you tend to do nothing..! and the procrastination circle goes on..

Anti Procrastination Strategy:-

If you will procrastinate to kill your procrastination, procrastination will kill you. 

 Procrastination is a habit that has become a way of life or a behavioral pattern.

 You don’t find it harmful until you face the consequences of it. it is impossible to kill it overnight. Habits can only be broken if you stop practicing them consciously. 

  1. To kill procrastination, one will have to accept the fact that he/she has been procrastinating so far and try to become more productive. 
  • Forgive yourself for procrastinating and plan your day accordingly. You can use the 20:10 formula. To begin with where you can do Important tasks for 20 minutes and then unproductive tasks in the next 10 minutes. You can divide your activities into 4 parts basis on their urgency.

 * Very Urgent, Very Important

 * Very Urgent But not important

 * Important but Not Urgent

 * Not Urgent / Not Important.

  • Stop being a victim. You are more valuable than you think- Don’t Underestimate Yourself.  
  • Become an action taker. Do not hesitate to start.
  • Find your Why/ Goal of life: This will push you towards completing a task.
  • Remove distractions- Delay your Gratification and think long term.
  • Uninstall unwanted apps, remove the notification from apps to get into discipline.


You can user RRR / IER method (Realise-Remove-Replace OR Identify-Eleminate-Replace Method). Identify your one habit which needs to be eliminated from your daily routine (may be just browsing through social media apps) and replace it with a better and productive activity.

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You can user RRR / IER method (Realise-Remove-Replace OR
Identify-Eleminate-Replace Method). Identify your one habit which needs to be
eliminated from your daily routine (may be just browsing through social media
apps) and replace it with a better and productive activity.

Following the above strategies, I strongly believe these steps will help you overcome the habit of procrastination and you will become more productive. You will realize you have plenty of time to work on your passion. 

Take actions and take control of your life. 

Let me know what you think about this article, Your suggestions are always welcome.

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See you all in my next article.


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